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We’re Going Green!

(Washington, DC) Ex Nihilo announced the launch of its “green” initiatives. For nearly two decades, Ex Nihilo has been doing its part to conduct business in an ethical manner. Today, we are focused on actions that are environmentally and socially responsible. As a company that is led by a woman of color, we strive to create a culture of continuous improvement; where our employees and partners can earn a living wage; where women lead, and we practice sustainable consumption. Our CEO’s ambition is to leave a legacy of wisdom, wellness, and wealth. Going green is good for business and our community. We know that sustainable business practices are proven to help reduce costs and improve safety.

“Sustainability at Ex Nihilo is about giving back in ways that improves the lives of others around us. We are committed to contributing to the success of those in and around our community through volunteer work, corporate giving and by leveraging our collective leadership, influence, finances, and expertise (L.I.F.E.) to understand our impact on the environment and build a better future” Dingle went on to say.

We believe that trust is paramount to building and sustaining strategies that work. We know that open and transparent communication are key to building high trust. Our corporate values, Code of Ethics, and service delivery capabilities enable us to serve as trusted advisors to our customers. These same values serve as the building blocks for achieving our sustainability priorities of Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Sustainable Consumption.

We are excited to kick off our first sustainability event for Earth Hour on March 26, 2022. To register, visit:



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