We Work recognizes Ex Nihilo CEO, Angela Dingle, for her work towards creating career opportunities for deaf women in cybersecurity

Women-led businesses that support and strengthen others

This Women’s History Month, we highlight women founders who are improving their industries and the world

Businesses need a lot to succeed: a team, resources, and a great idea. Made at WeWork showcases the innovative services and products built within WeWork buildings around the world. 

For some business owners, having a viable business idea that turns out to be successful is not simply enough. Each of the women here, from a cybersecurity expert to a marketing executive, has built giving back and mentoring into their business model. For Women’s History Month, we spotlight their companies, which aren’t just making money but are also making an impact—and helping others to do the same.


Read more: https://www.wework.com/ideas/community-stories/member-spotlight/women-led-businesses-that-support-and-strengthen-others

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