Strategic Planning Case Study


The client required assistance in an enterprise wide assessment on all Information Technology assets and capabilities as well as establishing a baseline maturity level for a number of management areas of focus.


Ex Nihilo provided support in the implementation of portfolio management strategies and techniques. We conducted an evaluation to develop an “as-is” description of the client environment, a priority summary of “to-be” objectives and a set of proposed metrics. During the second stage of the planning effort, we conducted a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and gap analysis to compare the client environment against industry best practices and make recommendations, developed a timeline, budget limits and cost implications for implementing the recommendations.


Ex Nihilo assisted the client in implementing a strategic governance team and communications plan, setting priorities and funding directions for investments, including identifying approval checkpoints and financial viability gate reviews (return on investments, net present value, payback period, etc.). As well as facilitating the initial planning and business case development for project adoption and selection, Ex Nihilo helped the client make sound business decisions and objectively determine and assess the value of the its individual investments and overall investment portfolio. We provided viewing mechanisms for decision makers to review and manage their portfolio.