Business Process Assessment Case Study


Ex Nihilo's client provides high volume workflow management and loan quality control services. The steps required to complete the review process for at least one of its loan centers were being performed manually, resulting in a labor intensive process that no longer provides management with the insight needed to effectively manage workloads and contractual compliance. Additionally, the client experienced fluctuations in the number of cases that needed to be processed resulting in a surge of up to 20-25% in workforce requirements.The client needed an effective way to project the impact of these staffing changes.


Ex Nihilo conducted a workflow process assessment and made recommendations regarding areas for improvement. Ex Nihilo assessed the client’s organizational structure, operations, staffing levels, delegation of work assignments, resource planning processes, automation of work, workload tracking, training and quality assurance procedures.


Ex Nihilo identified over $144,000 in annual cost savings and recommended workflow changes that incorporate the use of technology to increase productivity, reduce processing delays, support managerial reporting requirements, provide insight into the overall effectiveness of the loan process and eliminate paper-based manual steps.